• This project, [Mix]Understandings: Multiracial Identity in Visual Culture, is a combination of content research and exhibition design that I completed for my Master's thesis at the Corcoran College of Art + Design.
    Abbreviated mission statement:
    Though racial categorization is a purely social construct, it has a meaningful impact on the way multiracial people form individual identities. [Mix]Understandings explores how the mixed-race experience has been visually represented, constructed, and critiqued. This exhibit aims to enlighten visitors about the fluidity of race and strengthen bonds in the multiracial community.
    Project Description:
    [Mix]Understandings, shown at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, uncovers the way multiracial identity has been visually represented throughout American history by exploring the narratives of the tragic mulatto, the trend of multiracial chic, and the typical question, “what are you?” Objects from art, cinema, television, advertising, and product design communicate the historic presence and continual evolution of multiracial identity in American visual culture. Additionally, experiences including a documentary theater and filmed interviews will allow visitors to witness accounts of multiracial identity from contemporary voices. Educational programming and group discussions are available through a partnership with the Mixed Roots Film and Literary Festival.
    The contents of this project include the design document and images of my physical model.
  • Design Document
  • Model Images