Geography ≠ Culture

  • The copy of this poster reads:
    america is a place
    it is not a race
    The intention of this piece is to re-enfoce the commonly overlooked
    fact that America, the nation & geographical location is a place, a government,
    and is not specific to any particular culture in general. America was founded
    on the principles of freedom; diversity- ideally of course. 
    With the constant conflict between the US and Arabic speaking nations I thought
    it would be interesting to use an English typeface that reflects the aesthetics of 
    the Arabic alphabet. Ironically this poster would be difficult for anyone to read, as
    any perceived Arabic characters are just shapes, and English speakers would see
    the shapes as being Arabic.
    The warped copy in the middle of the composition is comprised of phrases such
    as "Fourth of July, Big Mac, McDonald's Hamburger, Back Yard Barbeque". The 
    meshing of American symbols and cultural tropes- phoenetically, while deconstructing
    them typographically creates a piece with a transient context, percieved to exist in 
    different realms, depending on the individual viewing it.