NEXT 2013 - XY Metal Book

  • For this Metal Book I used handmade and recycled paper, as well as Canson Mi-teintes #595 Turquoise Blue paper circles.  I sewed stencil shapes into the crease of the pages for contrast with the printed needlepoint plastic canvas pages which are cut along the x and y axis to create shapes with no curves.  
  • The printed and cut pages are made of handmade/recycled paper.  
  • Two book covers and the interior etched plate for support of the book sculpture.
  • The center plate is etched and textured on both sides.  
  • The book covers have a halo/rainbow of color where the cutting torch changed the tone of the metal.  Wellman tells me that eventually this color change will fade -- but in the meantime I chose to accent this change by matching the interior of my book to the turquoise color.