For the Love, Not the Fame

  • Senior year at the Corcoran College of Art & Design has students work on a year long project. At the end the work goes up in the Gallery as part of NEXT. My project was a video documentary on the lives of grassroots drifters in Binghamton, NY.

    Grassroots drifting is a sport in which a person maneuvers a car sideways at high speeds. These cars look as if they are going to crash, but the drivers are in complete control and can keep the car going sideways through turns.
    For the Love, Not the Fame documents Matt, Dusty, and Robert as they dedicate every spare minute and dollar on their cars to get to the next event. These guys work normal jobs during the day, but obsess on their cars after hours. On the weekends they travel to tracks around the country to drive their cars sideways for fun or to feel an adrenaline rush.