NEXT 2013 - Three Sides to Every Story

  • This sculptural book is sewn with a pamphlet stitch to bring 6 triangles together to form a triangular book.  There are six pages of handwritten text and six relief prints inside the form.  (The handmade paper utilized in this project are the deconstructed and pulped menus from the 2012 Corcoran Ball.)  
  • Learning to love the flaws of others gives us a chance at offering the whole world amnesty and comfort. By loving one - we manage to love all. 
    Stories unfold because we breathe, not because we search. Meeting any one person on this vast earth is to encounter a book of endless, unfolding “story.”  
    Finding comfort in a warm bed, a cup of soup and a sunset allows us to be at home on any continent and in any company. 
    When we learn to sing our songs despite the audience, without need for accolades, unworried and unhurried by the melancholy and beauty, we share the glory of the sun.  
    Finding your way around a museum, a work of art, or a book -- is to explore the whole world in one day -- No wonder this act of understanding leaves us physically tired.
    Every story must have three things: tragedy, comedy and epiphany or else it would only be told and never repeated.  Humans need to feel triumph and sorrow.