• Far away from the capital of Turkey, only 65km from the border of Syria and Iraq lays the town of Hasankeyf, a tiny town settled on the Tigris River, part of Mesopotamia which is widely considered to be the cradle of civilisation.

    Hasankeyf has a history dating back 12,000 years and still boasts archaeological treasures from this age. The population is mostly Kurdish farming communities and survives by cultivating the fertile soil and fishing in the Tigris River. Early each morning the people of Hasankeyf rise and take their sheep out from their mud-brick, part-cave, dwellings where they have lived for years.
    Soon the dam will be built, the planes flooded and the historic caves lost forever.
  • Photography by E. Gaoni www.egaoni.co.uk
    Edit and Colour Grade by AJ. Pugh @ The Autonomy Project