NEXT 2013

  • In the modern society, packaging design is no longer just a protective tool for a product, it also serves as a marketing tool to attract consumers. The organic food industry has developed a graphic language for their packaging to communicate the idea of organic, natural, and healthy. The packaging for organic food usually convey the feeling of healthiness or light-hearted, friendliness, long-established or rustic, and old-fashioned or authentic by using certain style of typography, imageries, colors, and materials.
    The ideal packaging design for organic food would be the use of warm colors, narrative imageries, clean and simple background, and reusable or recyclable materials, and the style of typography helps enhance the overall visual of the product.  Many organic food packaging that we see on the shelves in the supermarket nowadays use excessive elements sometimes because it is visually pleasing. However, as a designer, we should be able to solve the conflict between excessive and necessity while creating attractive design.  When designing for organic food packaging, besides paying attention to the visual element, we should also be considering if the design is following the idea of simplicity and naturalistic like the product they are selling.