Helping Pets Behave | Branding & Identity

  • A focused, paws-on approach.
  • Helping Pets Behave provides science-based education and training to guide pets’ behavior towards improvement. I created their branding and visual identity.
  • Helping Pets Behave practices a cohesive examination of pets’ environments and conditions, which creates a unique and strategic formula for how pets’ behavior can be modified. The branding matches this intelligent and concise approach through a visual style that cultivates simplicity and cohesion with subtle injections of empathy and charm.​​​​​​​
  • The color palette, typography, and collateral applications continue this delicate balance of sophistication and playfulness, featuring subtle glimpses of personality when appropriate without sacrificing their refined nature.
  • The project is currently ongoing and will contain a range of additional collateral applications including illustrations, signage, and a new website.
  • Client: Helping Pets Behave
    Identity Designer & Art Director: James Bonilla