The Female Form In Advertising

  • Objectification of Women in Advertising. 

    An advertiser develops visual associations of signs and symbols to create a product image that is meant to motivate consumers. In the past twenty years, the use of increasingly explicit sexual imagery; in consumer oriented print advertising, has become common in almost every industry. 

    Sexuality is now considered a powerful tool of marketing. Advertisers use images that were commonly used in the world of ‘‘male magazines’’ instead of delivering a more sophisticated understanding of their products. 

    Women are not only turned into objects, but the object is broken down into component parts, each of which represent an ideal form. I represented this through collaging a female mannequin with over 1000 advertisements that objectify women. Her name is Scarlet and she is headless to represent the fact that these ads do not represent females for their intellect but for their physical attributes. 

    It was displayed at Corcoran NEXT EXHIBITION 2013