HUE | International Design Museum

  • HUE is an international design museum that would be located downtown in Washington, DC. It would showcase design to the public focusing on interactivity with the viewer. Alongside print versions of work, there will be screens for visitors to experience things that cannot be shown in a typical fine art gallery (apps, websites, etc). 

    Created for Environmental Design, with Johan Severtson as professor.
  • Stationery for Museum.
  • Letterheads (as well as business cards and envelopes) will be available in different gradients to reflect the way the outdoor signage works.
  • Stationery for the Museum Shop.
  • Outdoor Signage would include a wall of changing colors, with the logo presented on top in white.
  • Museum Floor plan.
  • Museum Shop indoor signage.
  • Merchandise available at VALUE.
  • Design of the museum's design office.