Q&A with Solly Assa on Entrepreneurship and Real Estate

  • Solly Assa on Being a Real Estate Developer and Entrepreneur
  • Solly Assa is a New York-based businessman with a long-term commitment to the real estate industry. He is founder and developer of Assa Properties, a company founded in 2000 involved in the business of developing and investing in major residential, retail and commercial properties. He considers himself as an “opportunistic owner” and believes that the thing at which he excels is finding the best possible location to position his asset in order to capture the market. Armed with years of experience and in-depth knowledge, with every project that he does, Solly Assa aims to set the bar higher and change the old-fashioned, conventional method of property development. So far he has successfully managed to identify and capitalize on development opportunities, using his acquired skills and knowing of the market. After years of hard work and dedication, finally, in 2000, Solly Assa got the chance to realize one of his biggest dreams and start his own company. Since then, Assa Properties has acquired over 3 million square feet of assets spread across the United States and Mexico.