Solly Assa: Why Every Real Estate Agent Needs A Blog

  • Solly Assa on Why Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Start a Blog
  • For a long time, real estate agents were the only source of information for local real estate. If one wanted to know which homes were available, which prices were fair and comparable, and when local open houses were being held, he or she had to either take a walk, drive around town or check with his or her local realtor.

    Nowadays, we have all of this information at our fingertips, complete with a virtual tour, homeowner history and Google Earth images of the local neighborhood, says Solly Assa, founder and developer of Assa Properties based in NYC. While all this information can seem overwhelming, there are plenty of tools, professionals and sites out there to help make the real estate market a user-friendly place. Technology has completely changed the way we buy, sell and tour homes for sale. In fact, Mr. Assa adds, recent research shows that 90% of consumers now start their real estate journey on the Internet.

    If done right, real estate investing can be a very lucrative business. But for someone just starting out, this can be pretty daunting. There are certain things that any successful real estate investor must focus on.. One task you can’t put off is marketing your real estate brand through your own blog. Your real estate business is a great source for blogging topics. Blogging is a strategy for positioning yourself as a real estate expert and capturing high-quality leads. Once you write the blog, it’s free and easy to distribute it to thousands of potential clients. As Mr. Assa ads, writing a real estate blog is also a great way to establish yourself as the local real estate expert and keep yourself top-of-mind in your sphere of influence.

    Even though the real estate landscape has changed and home shoppers may no longer need help finding listings and open houses, these home seekers may still need help with market research, knowledge and legal advice, especially first-time homebuyers. A real estate blog can increase engagement with potential leads and provide answers to research-hungry home shoppers. On top of that, Mr. Assa states, you can use your real estate blog to provide these individuals with an outlet for any follow-up questions they may have as well.

    Last but not least, having a real estate blog can help you capture the attention of the younger generation of homebuyers. Today’s modern home buyers are tech-savvy and, according to Mr. Assa, real estate knowledgeable. Since cold calls and mailers definitely won’t attract this new wave of young first-time homebuyers, you might as well give online content a chance, and get in front of them where it matters the most.


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