Alternative Process Photographer

  • Bill Travis is a Washington, DC based photographer. Before taking up photography as a full time job, Bill was a medieval art history teacher at the University of Michigan. In 2003 he received tenure and had a sabbatical that year. His daughter, who was 14 at that time, was living in New York City, and this is where Bill spent his time off. During this time he was able to use photography for himself instead of his work. With this time spent with his daughter he decided to quit the job at the university, and start photography as his full time job.
    Bill Travis' work is different than what you normally see coming from a photographer. His work looks like a painting that was made in the 1700's. He makes them look this way by using many different mediums. He has printed on glass, metals, and wood. He also put medium on top of the print as well. He has used paints, and lately been using a melted wax on top of the prints. This gives the print a visual texture that makes the print look like a painting.
    His work has been shown around the world in places like San Francisco, New York City, Washington, DC, and even in countries in Europe. He also sells his prints around the world as well. Some galleries that sell his work are in New York City, Florida, and Italy.