Green Branding Thesis

  • The Green Branding 
    Visual Language of Sustainable Design in Branding
  • Everyday, we are persuaded by television, radio, and print advertisements to purchase products that we don't need. The more we buy, the more waste we produce. As a result, we are generating insurmountable toxic waste all over the world. No ONE solution will solve the problem, but we can start somewhere. As a designer I became familiar with the growing awareness of sustainability. This lead to my research on the visual language of 'green' branding which was inspired by increasing number of 'green washed' products.

    The concept of sustainability has transformed the world of household goods. Consumers demand more natural and safer products for the environment and in their homes. With modern technology and scientific experiments, companies are developing new sustainable methods to produce products without harsh chemicals and toxic excess. By incorporating sustainability in their business philosophy, companies are changing the way they approach the design of their brands. Visual elements such as color, imagery, and typography, communicate methods and principles of sustainability. Today, these components that define sustainability are applied in many brands we use everyday.

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