DOT | Identity

  • Cycles made simple.
  • DOT is a period and fertility tracking app tailored for the efficient and proactive woman. I created the name and brand identity with a team who designed and developed the iOS app entirely from scratch.
  • Created for small screens and a diverse range of users, the identity employs refined clarity and legibility in both the brevity of its name and the confident, geometric forms of the logotype. 
  • The solitary dot in the O letterform represents the identity’s namesake and the cycle tracking system used within the app. 
  • With sophisticated and predictive algorithms, the app empowers women with the knowledge and assurance they need for planning their future.

    View it on the App Store.
  • Created at ISL
    Client: Cycle Technologies
    Creative Director: Zach Goodwin
    Project Manager: Ali Omer 
    Identity Designers: James Bonilla & An Ly
    UI/UX Designer: Maggie Gaudaen
    IOS Developer: Thomas Degry