&pizza | Package Design & Illustration

  • Tea for the tribe.
  • &pizza is a fast casual restaurant chain in the US with a nonconformist aesthetic that embraces local communities. I designed and illustrated labels for their custom beverages, &TEA.
  • Handcrafted in collaboration with Runningbird Tea Co., &TEA drinks are brewed from scratch using only a simple blend of natural ingredients.
  • The label artwork features a collage of cut paper, ink, and detailed illustrations of the tea’s ingredients. These allude to both the handcrafted nature of these products and the urban landscapes surrounding &pizza locations.
  • Ultimately, they chose to move towards another direction with the labels, and the project was canceled. However, the visual style and approach remains as a testament to the brand’s visual flexibility and advocacy for collaboration. 
  • Client: &pizza
    Creative Director: Heidi Guerard
    Project Managers: Dana Fraser & Lauren Freundlich 
    Designer & Illustrator: James Bonilla
    Photographer: Bryn Dunbar
    Hand Models: Bryn Dunbar & Sophie Shephard