• The Last Try
    - retro pulp Series -
    Oils on canvas paper / 48 cm. x 36 cm.
    As well implemented as an ad.
  • Digital sketch,  where the main composition is worked out for later on apply colour tests and the general look needed.
  • From placing the composition on the canvas with smooth charcoals to paint the initial layer dead layer. All the other layers of paint will be added on top. A great and useful resource is colour tests done previously in digital form.
  • Finally, the whole painting is ready for photo shooting and posterior digital post-production in Photoshop. This painting belong to a series of retro pulp-style compositions. This one was later used for the marketing campaign for Stock Unlimited, a media company, as it can be seen below.
  • Banners and newsletters were also designed and adapted for this campaign:
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