Hawaii: A sensory experience

  • #MauiMuse / Hawaii: A sensory experience 
    Hawaii: A sensory experience is one of our studio projects which engages sensory communications and design to promote diversity, conservation, and cultural identity. A Hawaiian island is connected with one of the five senses. Sight is the sense for Maui—Behold Maui! 

    Communicating to an audience on a visceral level is one of our strategies and intended outcomes for audience engagement.  Immerse yourself in Maui culture and nature. More islands and senses coming soon… #diversity #conservation #MauiCulture #CulturalIdentity #ExperienceMaui #SensoryMarketing #SensoryDesign #EmotionalContent #MauiMuse #UnfoldingTerrain

    Photography credits: Pixabay.com
    blossom-236008.jpg by ADD; Pixabay.com
    hibiscus-203880.jpg by Josch13; Pixabay.com
    hibiscus-208774.jpg by Josch13; Pixabay.com
    hibiscus-492268.jpg by LoveToTakePhotos; Pixabay.com
    leaves-235914.jpg by BlueSnap; Pixabay.com
    leaves-235922.jpg by BlueSnap; Pixabay.com
    palm-801765.jpg by Free-Photos; Pixabay.com
    plumeria-1879074.jpg by Aloha_Mahalo; Pixabay.com
    schefflera-heptaphylla-572501.jpg by Stux; Pixabay.com
    spathiphyllum-53063.jpg by Hans; Pixabay.com
    water-lilies-1388690.jpg by Couleur; Pixabay.com