19 Crimes 360 Set Design

  • 19 Crimes 360 Set Design
  • Our team at ISL built this 360 video experience to transport our audience into a prison cell on a ship bound for Australia during the 19th century. The brand story of 19 Crimes wine revolves around 19 rebels — nonviolent criminals — sentenced to "punishment by transportation" aboard a prison ship. We built a 360 degree set for this narrative and decorated it to support the story and the time period, while also allowing for a 360 camera to sit centered in the space.

    My role as the Art Director was to concept the physical set itself with our Creative Director (Zach Goodwin) and Industrial Designer (Adam Hughes) and to create period-appropriate set dressing and wardrobe for our narrative.
  • A 3d rendering of the set by Adam Hughes
  • The set in-progress
  • Our guard character in the set with a couple of his prisoners (and the greenscreened porthole window)
  • Props were chosen individually from various new and used shops, and then aged appropriately. Prisoner transport ships would have been older ships, and voyages were quite long, so our props needed to look pretty severely aged, waterlogged, and stained. 
  • A variety of different waterlogged ropes, nets, and stained canvas cloths were used to add texture, and a huge number of candles punctuated the set, adding a slightly-moving glow to each take.
  • To add to the feeling of a boat on the waves, one of our lighting crew members slowly moved the overhead light as we shot each take.
  • One of our prisoners — close to death, in the narrative — sits on the floor among leaks and dirt.
  • The set as seen from the porthole window with the 360 camera inside. 
  • Each character's costume was carefully chosen for variety between the characters, period appropriate-style wear, and referenced the previous 19 Crimes brand film to keep the brand's narrative style intact. Costumes were purchased new, and then aged heavily to look as if they'd been worn for months on end.
  • One of the main prisoners from the 19 Crimes narrative (John O'Reilly) was a writer, so we figured he'd have a period-appropriate desk, notebook, paper, and quills. The desk was hand-fabricated by our set builders from a sketch, while the other props were purchased and aged.
  • The Team
  • Director — Zach Goodwin
    Director of Photography — Matt Tanski
    Camera Operator — Barry Pousman
    1st AC — Nick Kinni
    Producer — Margot Mausner
    Art Director — Maggie Winters Gaudaen
    Director of Strategy — Lindsay Gsell
    Project Manager — Monique DeZarn
    Key Makeup Artist — Sallie Keena

    Agency Partners from JWT —
    Account Supervisor — Remy Wainfeld
    Art Director — Chelsea Nobbs
    Senior Copywriter — Tom Hasenfratz
    Producer — Dora Lee