Luden's Throat Drops — Social Content

  • Luden's Social Content
  • While ISL was the Social Agency of Record for Luden's, I served as the Art Director and creative lead on the account from early 2016 to mid-2017. 

    Luden's is a soothing throat drop for a young, fun, bold audience. To engage our youthful audience, we created social content that would stop our them in their (scrolling) tracks during music festival season, cheer them up in the winter, and add a little bit of fun to their day.
  • For a short series of whimsical, moving social content, we created physical Rube Goldberg machines that would deliver a single throat drop to the user. The machines were built by Adam Hughes and Ken Marut, video and animation by Sammy Yoon, model Kelly Zheng.
  • Focusing on flavor, in this case, creating a persona for our cherry flavor. 
    Model — Cash Colburn // Photography by Rebecca Zisser // Set production by Rebecca Zisser and Mazzy Bell
  • A pop culture reference for Valentine's Day 
    Typography and photo by James Bonilla
  • A Luden's-themed Thanksgiving dinner
    Set production and photography by Rebecca Zisser // giant Luden's drop by Adam Hughes 
  • Music-themed content performed well with our audience. In this case, a Luden's iPod!
    Design, photography, and post production by James Bonilla
  • A screenshot of the Luden's Facebook feed from mid 2017
  • Product photography by Rebecca Zisser
  • The Trash Bin of Greatness 😈
  • Although these posts were never published, they're still some of the most fun...
  • photography by Rebecca Zisser // model James Bonilla
  • video shot and edited by Sammy Yoon // giant Luden's drop by Adam Hughes, Ken Marut, and Jello.
  • photography and post-production by James Bonilla
  • Luden's Account Team at ISL
  • Molly Keyes Harden — Brand Lead, Strategy
    Kim Stockley — Content Strategist
    Maggie Winters Gaudaen — Art Director
    Rebecca Zisser — Designer / Photographer
    James Bonilla — Designer / Photographer
    Ryan Kim — Junior Creative Strategist