2017 Reel & Personal Identity

  • Personal Branding
    We were tasked with creating a personal brand that would extend to our portfolio, business cards, letterhead and leave-behinds. I wanted to create a brand that conveyed my interests in both print and motion. I was thinking of April Greiman's philosophies on space and image and her design approaches at the start of the project. Greiman's work led me to the use of TV distortion, TV static and computer pixilation as the basis for my designs. 

  • LOGO Development
    The logo uses the pixelated and fragmented language of TV and computer distortion in order to recreate my first initial.

    By using the language of the screen, I could imply motion in my print designs utilizing texture and changing shapes. In addition, my business card book design was based off of color swatch books where information has to be gained through interaction and movement. Each strip of the business card book has one side with information on my designer qualities while the other side has project images and personal descriptions. The design has a strip with three square tear-away business cards, but the other sections are also tear-away and can serve as business cards.