Discovery Theater

    A Rebranding Project
  • Discovery Theater is a performing art center based in Washington DC. Discovery Theater has been presenting DC-area children with live educational performances for more than 30 years. As a program of The Smithsonian Associates (TSA), DiscoDiscovery Theater is a performing art center based in Washington DC, run by the Smithsonian. 

    This rebranding project aim to refresh and strengthen the Discovery Theater's identity. 

    Original brand can be found at:

    The Discovery Theather logo aims to initiate a process of visual discovering within the logo mark. This process could be prolonged throughout a lifetime. At different angles, locations or times with different ages, viewers would have unique visual interpretations of the logo, especially for young minds with unlimited imagination.

    Despite the fact that this logo mark was designed to be anything one could imagine, it does have a principle concept. This concept lies on the negative space that represent the pointing finger. Pointing finger is a universal sign language that we always use when we try to show things to others. Imagine your conversation without the use of a pointing sign ever.
  • Stationery
  • Smithsonian Sleepover Campaign Posters
    A series of 3 posters promoting an activity held by the Discovery Theater inviting children to spend a night at the National Museum of Natural History

    [Size 24' x 32']
  • Brochure (set of 4) introducing summer shows and activities at the theater

    [Size 4' x 8']
  • Website homepage layout