MIRROR | Double Exposure

  • MIRROR — Digital Art/Photography

    Inspired by last year’s trips, I have decided to base this project on animals and nature by taking advantage of pictures I have personally taken of the animals within their natural habitat, thus free from human contaminations. The refraction of their ecosystem within their contours shows their real essence as well as their wildest instincts. We tend to define these animals as “predators” but having been able to observe their behaviour closely and especially amongst their natural habitat, their image outpaces the “habitual” behavior.
    Humans tend to stay at a superficial level whilst judging the environment it is surrounded by, without knowing the real meaning and essence it is pervaded by. This project attempts to represent our “inside” and, respectively, what surrounds us within the animal kingdom; an unknown world, seen with our own eyes and felt on our own skin, which represents a wonderful parallel reality of the human being’s.

    Design :  Lightroom CC  / Photoshop CC
    Jo Da Costa  2016 - All Rights Reserved ®
  • PHOTOS: I made all the works with photos I took on my last trips
  • BELOW: Based on original photos I have make a composition of them to create a wallpaper.
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