Washington Leadership Academy | Branding & Identity

  • Education redefined.

  • The Washington Leadership Academy is a public charter school driven by innovation in thought leadership and technology. I led the concept and creation of their brand identity.
  • A crest was chosen as the identity in order to represent the WLA’s pioneering voice. Intricate details were removed in favor of a modern finish, the negative space at the center representing the infinite possibilities students have through WLA’s academic program. 
  • Through bold, geometric typography, dynamic forms, and vibrant colors, the branding reflects the WLA’s vigorous spirit and ambitious student body.
  • With a forward-thinking curriculum, sophisticated tech, and an impressive roster of experienced faculty, the WLA boasts a groundbreaking educational platform unlike any other in D.C.

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  • Created at ISL
    Client: Washington Leadership Academy
    Project Manager: Arista Ware II
    Identity Designer & Art Director: James Bonilla
    UI/UX Art Director: Maggie Gaudaen 
    UI/UX Designer: Alex Martinez
    Web Developer: Olivia Cheng