ContraryCon 2 | Event Program

  • ContraryCon is a one-day creative conference hosted by ISL that’s focused on contrarian or unconventional topics and methods within design, development, and the arts. For the 2016 event, I designed a small program based on zine aesthetics and communiqué vernacular, as though attendees were part of some exclusive and secret society of contrarians. A small cut was placed at the center of the unfolded program, allowing it to function as one folded piece without any binding. One side revealed the event information, while the other expanded into a poster, encouraging attendees to hold onto the program as a piece of memorabilia. The overarching aesthetic was largely motivated by finding beauty through imperfections. We utilized a gritty style of illustration and a production method informed by improvisation. We felt this encapsulated the essence of ContraryCon.

    The illustrations were inspired by flash tattoo art and were created in collaboration with Paul Dunbar. A run of 300 were printed on a Risograph by the talented Ammiel Mendoza. Photography and lighting handled by Bryn Dunbar