Prestige Brands | Social Content

  • Chew on this.
  • A cough drop that tastes like candy demands a social feed that’s confident, fun, and a little weird. This was the motivation behind the content I styled, shot, and edited for Luden’s social media channels.
  • Viewing their online presence as an opportunity to garner interest from a younger audience, these peculiar compositions dove into a vibrant and surreal world enhanced by Luden’s rejuvenating effects.
  • Keen shadows and bright color hues were employed to create an enhanced realm of content. All compositions utilized practical effects, with only minor adjustments made in post-production.
  • Created at ISL
    Client: Prestige Brands, Inc.  /  Luden’s
    Art Director: Maggie Gaudaen
    Project Manager: Molly Harden
    Content Strategist: Kim Stockley
    Copywriter: Ryan Kim
    Photographers & Stylists: James Bonilla & Rebecca Zisser
    Production Assistant: Haeun Ro