Mr. Robot Season 02 | Promo Campaign

  • To promote the second season of the anarchist-hacker show Mr. Robot, I and a small but dedicated team at ISL created a series of 11 geo-targeted videos across the world, executed through the Facebook Live platform as part of a larger campaign for the show. Each video featured an fsociety hacker “ranting” to viewers about their respective country’s issues, to demonstrate how their movement had spread. 

    Over the span of just one week, the team and I created 11 distinct sets that needed to feel as though the viewer was actually watching a “hacked” broadcast live from a different country. We acquired props and set elements from a wide range of sources, such as Tibetan shops, thrift stores, and community dumps. Each element needed to feel authentic and stripped down, as if these hackers had set up in a temporary location and could leave at any moment. Distressing these props involved numerous methods, whether scratching items with sandpaper, beating them with a hammer, smearing them with coffee stains, or even burning them with a blowtorch.