Volkswagen | Illustrations

  • Bringing cars to life.
  • Volkswagen is a globally produced and renowned automotive brand fueled by its spirited attitude and distinct style. I created a series of illustrations for their social channels.
  • These illustrations personify Volkswagen models by engaging them in familiar, human activities.
  • Focused on the essential and informed by the brand’s heritage, they amplify the Volkswagen ethos with a contemporary voice and playful energy.
  • Harmonizing texture, color, and form, the illustrations establish an online portrait where Volkswagen isn’t just a car, but a lifestyle.
  • Created at ISL
    Client: Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.
    Creative Directors: Amanda Kloos & Nasreen Qureshi
    Art Director: Campbell Kawka
    Project Managers: Ally Montemurro & Liz Kelin
    Copywriter: Lauren Zoltick
    Illustrator: James Bonilla