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  • OnGame Studio

    The development of Alien Dome by OnGames Studio began with a distaste for commercial design work, a penchant for unique animation, and a long seated love for video games. Accessibility in the gaming development world has opened up a new path for artists in search of a new medium and has, in turn, created a new bastion of creativity for both designers and developers. The heart of Alien Dome is a combination of both: an outlet for unique art design, and a place for players to experience the best of creative game mechanics.
  • A Growing Universe of Lore, Adventure, and PvP Fighting
    Inspired by Mega Man Battle Network

  • What is Alien Dome?

    Alien Dome has you select a character to strategically battle against other players and friends within a 6x3 grid. Select, Attack, Defend, & Taunt. 1v1s and Tournaments will be held between friends and larger regions. Two player zones and a center shared zone make up the arena. Simple colored backgrounds allow for the characters and their beautiful moves to be the prominent visuals on screen. 

    Also a Platformer

    A platformer will be included as part of the game to introduce each character's background that leads them up to the fighting competition. Game mechanics for battles, however, will take place in the world, not on the grid.
  • Who are the Fighters?

    Five potential characters have been created that may or may not make it into the final game. Each character will have attacks, defenses, and taunts that match their specific archetype. Upon release, the game will have finalized characters and more will be added over time in updates.
  • Czar

    Robots live longer than any human could and this became the concern of all governments on Groyhelm. A unanimous decision was made that all robot creation would be either passed down from generation to generation or disassembled upon the death of an owner. Simon, a rebel inventor, wanted his work to live on without him when he was gone. He knew that he must program Lucky, his robo dog creation, and best friend, to have loyalty only up to the end of his life. Lucky could then escape the planet to live his own life outside of Simon's. He could bark, dig, and fly around as he pleased.
  • Enzy
    Specific patterns of cosmic energy will create illusions that most can't differ from magic. Only the Orions have become powerful enough to manipulate both color and time with these techniques. They use a combination of steel frames and brain energy to control the cosmic energy and unleash it on the unlucky. Portals are created between the steel frames where both objects and Orions alike can travel through.  Ever since Enzy has been using his powers to travel the universes and create the largest map ever documented he has hoped to find love before returning home. 
  • Min

    Some still remember the stories their grandmothers used to tell about the colony of early-day Cectors that mysteriously disappeared. Their whereabouts have never been discovered and the incident is all but forgotten after so much time. There are those who claim it was a parasite in their system, and the resulting implosion of cyberspace absorbed the colony in a dire attempt to gather enough material and energy to repair itself … Well, there’s one thing for certain - they were right about a parasite. Min is the ancient surviving member of the colony, endlessly tormented by the grief caused as it sucked the life force from its family and friends. Since then, it has become a highly unstable and dangerous character.
  • Ruby

    The Zilan race became known to the world through their innovative merchant ship designs and implemented defence systems. They sold blueprints and patents to colonies all over the world making a pretty penny. Along the way, scientists were hired and shipped back to Requian where they worked on a top secret project. What was this secret project? Few knew the truth until one day Ruby, a mutated Zilan, walked freely on their planet. News outlets flocked to get the first story. Breaking News "A Study to Merge Zilan DNA with the Zilan Currency, the Ruby, was Successful"
  • Arch

    The Rarietes are extremely skilled in the art of bone fighting and gem magic. A transformation reveals a whip like bone attached to their head. The gem becomes more powerful in this state. Throughout history, different gems have been attached at birth depending on your nation. For many years the leaders of each gem type had brothers fight brothers. Bone clashed against bone for resources. The only way to create peace between the nations was to assassinate each leader and command a cease-fire simultaneously. This is Arch's top priority and why he continues his training. He believes one-day peace will reign.