Enterprise Solution UI

  • I joined the product team at the political technology startup Circa Victor in May 2016.We had 4 weeks to concept, design and launch Redline, an enterprise solution for multi-media corporations that are tired of losing money. 

    The client (A well known Multi-Media Corporation) approached us with a problem. Political committees spend money faster than they can raise it so they typically have trouble paying their bills. Broadcasting companies lose millions each year when political committees cant pay for booked airtime. It's become difficult to sell media services without knowing which committees can afford to pay.
    Identify Problem: A Multi media corporation hates loosing money when a political committee defaults and cant pay, this makes targeting new customers increasingly risky. 
    Service To Solve It: Circa Victor is here to design a product that prevents revenue loss through awareness. The product will inform the media corporation on which committee’s are safe to target based on the likelihood of default.
    How to Achieve It: The product will determine the chance of default by tracking the committee’s expenditures, donations and cash on hand data. We will assign each committee with a healthy, risky or safe label based on defined data parameters. 
  • Names and figures were changed per confidentiality agreement.
  • Names and figures were changed per confidentiality agreement.