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  • Our Home: Strength in Stories is a collaborative project among graphic design students at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. The goal of the campaign is to increase voting among Asian-Americans. The idea was to create a local campaign that was scalable to a national level. So for our project, we began locally in the Northern Virginia suburbs outside of Washington, D.C.

    Each team member was responsible for different aspects of the campaign. I was involved with the development of the campaign website, jQuery scroller banner ads, and a web-based infographic.

    The website serves multiple functions within the overall concept for the campaign. The website plays arole as a communication hub for the campaign. In addition, the website is meant to be educational about the voting process and will reiterate the call to action for the campaign which is to have Asian-Americans vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 in the upcoming U.S. Presidential election. To encourage increased interactivity with the website by Asian-Americans, a blog component is included on the website where Asian-Americans will be encouraged to “share their stories” about their communities online.

    The campaign website was built using the Wordpress 2011 theme was modified to adhere to campaign style and branding standards developed by Kelsey Scherer. Website features include integration with social media for the campaign, resyndication of campaign motion graphics and PSAs developed by team members, as well as information and videos from other websites with information relevant to our campaign.
    JQuery scrollers for the campaign were created to highlight content. Within the website, jQuery scrollers were incorporated into the educational component of the campaign and highlight imagery developed for the campaign. For websites outside the campaign, jQuery scrollers are meant to disseminate the main campaign components and drive traffic to interactive components of the website such as the “share your story” component and the social media. 

    The web-based infographic was created using an infinite (parallax) scroller using modified code by Mauro Macchiaroli and Javier Gonzalez of Iutopi Creative Land. This infographic was also designed to reiterate the campaign call to action and emphasize the campaign messaging. In addition, like the jQuery scroller, it will include components that will drive traffic to the website. The infographic features vector graphic imagery created by July Ospina.