Storm Drain Mural: No Filter. Please Don't Litter

  • Storm Drain Mural: No Filter. Please Don't Litter
    Title: No Filter. Please Don't Litter
    Project: Rockville Storm Drain Mural 
    Sponsored by: The city of Rockville, Maryland and VisArts
    Location: Chapman Ave, in front of Twinbrook Metro Station
    Local artists with an interest in the environment were selected to help educate the public about the impact our collective actions have on local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay by painting five murals on storm drains in the Twinbrook neighborhood.

    My mural depicts what happens and what will keep happening if we don't pick up after ourselves. The main concept revolves around the fact that there are no filters or there is little treatment to the storm drain water. The message is emphasized by the title "No filter. Please Don't Litter". It will be a constant reminder that what goes through the storm drains ends up in our rivers and the bay, affecting our ecosystem.
  • Time lapse video
  • Close ups
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