OCR Inspiration: The Bear

  • OCR Inspiration: The Bear

    Medium: Graphite (19" x 24")
    This is my first drawing from my "Inspirations" series, which will consist of portraits of people that inspire me. I will have athletes, musicians, writers, etc. For the past few years I have been participating in obstacle course races (OCRs), and I wanted to find a way to mix both of my passions: OCR and fine arts. I decided to select one of the elite Spartan racers as my first inspiration piece. Matt (The Bear) Novakovich is a great athlete, he is someone I admire and follow not only because of his accomplishments as an elite Spartan racer, but also because of what he represents... that age is not an obstacle. The OCR world is mainly dominated by young athletes, but The Bear is out there giving people half his age a run for their money. 
  • Face Close-up 
  • Spear Close-up