National Geographic 7Billion iPad App

  • 7 Billion 
    How the World Will Change
  • Celebrating the arrival of the seven billionth human population, National Geographic presents
    the 7 Billion iPad App. This app explores eight feature stories dealing with population growth and
    issues that will impact us. It also includes insightful videos and informational graphics.

    Population 7 Billion: Find out why you shouldn't panic—at least, not yet. Enter the Age of Man: We remove mountains, raise supercities, transform our planet. The Acid Sea: Sea stars shrink. Sea urchins are stunted. We are the cause. Bangladesh: Resourceful residents refuse to give in to rising seas. Food Ark: Preserving heirloom seeds and breeds is crucial if we are to feed our hungry world. Birth of a New Brazil: Big families are out. Credit strong-willed women—and the steamy soaps that inspired them. Rift in Paradise: Africa's Albertine Rift is rich in resources, animals—and crushingly violent conflicts. Cities are the Solution: They may be the best way to lift people from poverty and preserve the environment. 
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