Project Management UX/UI Spec Work

  • 1 - Proposal
    The Job
    Design the user experience for a task management application Taskly. Taskly is a task management app for individuals and teams. The client provided a list of primary and secondary features for the application. 
    My Role
    Employ analysis and design thinking to bridge the gaps between business needs, user needs, and technology. I started by creating a proposal for the client that highlighted the scope of service and design process. 
  • 2 - Business Model Analysis
    Using Ash Maurya's Lean Stack appIication, I  created a business model (Lean Canvas) based on the initial client statement. 
  • 3. MVP and Research 
     Once the lean canvas was complete, I did a competitive analysis on leading industry competitors. I used G2crowd, Quora and PC mag as review sources. These sites are great places to pin point customer pain points. My actual analysis is a 6 page spreadsheet but here is a summary and conclusion. 
    User interviews
    I contacted reviewers directly to discuss how they use their current project management software. 
  • 4. IA and card sorting
    I started to create the information Archetechture based on the card sorting exercise and survey data. 
  • 5. Paper Prototypes
    After the initial phase of user research was done, I began the paper prototypes. I sketched the features according to the device that the app would be displayed on. 
  • 6. Wireframes
    I began wireframing my desktop, ipad and mobile version.
  • 7- UI Kit
    After low fildelity prototypes and wireframes, I moved on to create the UI Kit. 
  • Final Protoypes
    I ran a series of the following usability test: A/B Testing, yes/ no, 5 second test, and mulitclick user flow testing. The results can be seen here. I made changes based on the user data and finalized my high fidelity protypes.