Wake Up! for Chesapeake Bay Foundation

  • Wake Up!
    A Membership Campaign for Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation is a a not-for-profit agency whose mission is to protect, heal and save the Chesapeake Bay. 

    This campaign is geared toward boat owners who live, play or work in the Bay watershed area. It includes complete brand ( along with a guide), promotional materials, an Iphone app and Web banners.
  • The campaign name is a play on an action and the wake which a boat would create.

    The tagline evokes not only the call for action to protect the wildlife on the bay, but also a personal message to protect the fun or "wild life" one has on the Chesapeake Bay's waters.

  • A mailer to be added to regular mailers of boat slip bills, club dues, boat hotel bills etc.

    This card is printed on recycled, seeded paper, which would contain specific grass seeds to help battle the eroding shoreline. This card can be planted and actual grass will grow.
  • Items to be sold in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's shop.

    These can also be sold at boat and yacht shows, or given away as promotional materials.
  • CBF's booth in a 3-D setting
  • A series of dynamic JavaScript bannerads
    Each bannerad has a set of 4 images, each image has a specific call to action.