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    Try to find the simpliest of office supplies in CUBA and you'll be suprised to what lengths you would go to find it. 

    Reinventing CUBA is a CCTV News Documentary that chronicles life in CUBA and how its residents must adapt under a stagnant economy.
  • When in the initial meeting, we learned that CUBA was the epicenter for silk screening. We took that grungy, vintage silk screen look and designed our project around it.
  • With the Condensed Bold type and a retro Silk Screen look, our graphic style helped transform ourWashington, DC studio into a piece of Havana. 
  • To further promote the documentary to be featured on other media outlets, web ads were featured on current.org
  • Credits:
    Creative Director: Alexander Shields
    Creative Team: Ronald Cortez, Thanh Nguyen, & Alexander Shields​​​​​​​
    Promo & Title Sequence: Ronald Cortez
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