Tassilo, a novel fully illustrated

  • Tassilo der Mumienabrichter
    Complete new art done for a novel. 
    From the cover and back cover, to illustrations for the internal pages and book's flaps.
  • Sketches and ink work done in order to give a "look and feel" of an old engraving illustration.
    The main city on the story, Elon, is depicted here among drawings of a monkey and a dragon, key elements on this novel.
  • For the open presentation of the book, a series of posters and flyers were also done, adapting the art done for the book but into this media.
  • Cover and back cover of the book, worked in oils on canvas paper.
  • I´m very happy to present this final design and art done for this novel.
    A wonderful book, that mixes from an imaginary and crazy baroque inspired city, where the main character, Tassilo, is a very young teenager totally absorbed in this high class society. He controls and works with "momified" apes, inside a very troubled and problematic story, where the looks and appareances are the most important aspects of his contradictory life.

    I worked on the whole book, including the title, covers, character design, the city's architecture, the baroque ornaments and engraving-style drawings and chapter´s separators. All heavily inspired by this amazing and troubled world, but also referencing the Baroque and venetian styles, within a deep research on this wonderful time period.
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