Bao & Bae Blog Logo and Branding

  • Bao & Bae is about two young people (one who is familiar with cooking and one that isn't) who made a pact to carve time out of their busy schedules to cook interesting meals. While the blog is about learning and experimenting with techniques, it's also about learning to be mindful about what is put into one's body. The blog is named after the first thing the couple created together and the nickname they both jokingly call each other.
    After a few rounds of sketching and revisions, the logo evolved into a form inspired by Chinese Chops, which are signature stamps used to sign official documents. These stamps can also be found in other Asian countries such as Korea and Japan. Both felt it was appropriate becuase the blog will heavily focus on Asian cuisine, since one grew up cooking Asian meals while the other is eager to learn.
  • Business Cards
  • Cookbook 
  • Restaurant Collateral
  • Restaurant Collateral: Business Card, Coaster, and Business Letterhead 
  • Restaurant Collateral: Menu and Napkin
  • Restaurant Window Signage