Bollywood Bistro: Brand Identity

  • Bollywood Bistro
    Brand Identity
  • Assignment: Re-brand Bollywood Bistro's identity. Inlcudes logo, menu, style guide, wine label, wine menu, banner advertising website invitation, letterhead, company folder, and business card.

    The golden flame represents the light and excitement that Bollywood carries, capturing the movement and aroma of the sensual spices and fine dining. The crimson red b represents the power, passion, and energy that Bollywood Bistro stands for as a restaurant. The way the B wisps and is placed underneath the flame represents the Diwila Diya, a traditional candle used in Indian culture. The mark overall indirectly refers to Sanskrit, the primary language of Hinduism and Budism.
    Bollywood Bistro is emphasized in large, all capitalized text to state the importance of undergoing an  engaging dining experience.The placement of the text beneath the mark represents a dish holding the traditional foods used within Indian cuisine.

    Designed for the Corcoran College of Art & Design, Design Sophomore Studio
  • Folder Design
  • Menu
  • Wine Menu
  • Brand Website