Duplex Diner - Branding Project

  • Duplex Diner, a popular D.C. restaurant and lounge in Adams Morgan, has catered to clientele since 1998. From the beginning, the Duplex Diner filled a void that existed in DC—a fun and inviting bar and restaurant where you can come have drinks or dinner any night of the week and always feel welcome, whether you're sitting at a booth with friends or solo at the bar. The Duplex Diner offers deceptively simple fare—classic comfort foods like Mac and Cheese, Meatloaf, Tater Tots. Duplex Diner remains what it set out to be—a fun and comfortable destination that serves great food, delicious cocktails and is always a good time.
  • Logo
  • Logo Concept
    The minimalist design of the diamond suggests simple and natural food while the angular D and triangle shapes suggests a modern approach to the diner dining experience. The rhomboid shape and vertical direction of the D recalls the marquee on the outside of the Duplex Diner facade while also emphasizing the location on the corner of 18th and U street. The D encourages not only an association to the D in Duplex and Diner but also to the D of the diamond shaped logo.
        The overlapping and connected shapes of the logo assert the stability and strong bonds of the Duplex Diner community. Employing different colored triangles, highlights the diversity that the Duplex Diner nurtures. The triangles not only form the angles and shape of the diamond but also connote kinetic beams of light from a marquee. The triangle, much like the D shape, suggest the Duplex Diner name as the triangles form a prominent X. By using a diamond shape for the logo, the Duplex Diner ideals of permanence, uniqueness and quality are stressed.
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