The Luminarium XXV - Silver

  • The Luminarium is immensely proud to present our twenty fifth Exhibition to you, bearing the title and theme of "Silver", as to celebrate our silver anniversary.
    In scientific terms, Silver is a chemical element which is known for possessing the highest electrical conductivity; with immensely varying amounts of usage in coins, solar panels, water filtration and of course jewelry and ornaments. Story-wise, it's often compared as the second most valuable material to gold. A value that we take highly, as this exhibition marks our 25th endeavor to bring you extraordinary art, a challenge that we take with immense pleasure and excitement.
    With a landmark as this, we expected our artists to push themselves to the limit and beyond. That is exactly what we got with more than thirty original works of art set in varying media, which are worth their weight in silver.
    To underline our exceedingly talented roster, we turned the spotlight to Andrea Carecci, AKA Magic Fox, who has enlightened us with his amazingly control of technical and creative know how, and was a logical choice to highlight the growing diversity of artists that we nurture.
    We are very proud of this achievement, and we hope that our twenty fifth pack will bring you as much inspiration and enjoyment, if not more, than the twenty four that came before.
    The Luminarium staff
    See the full release here.
  • Fusion By: Andrea Carecci
  • TITAN L30P By: Evade 
  • Service Hangar By: Julian Feylona
  • Silver waves III By: Andres Gallardo Albajar 
  • One Trick Pony By: Badbrush 
  • Maximus, Mvt. 1 - Core Collapse by Scott Stedman
  • Maximus, Mvt. 2 Nucleosynthesis by Scott Stedman
  • Maximus, Mvt. 3 - Accretion By Scott Stedman 
  • Theft By Andrea Carecci
  • The Silver Bullet By: Alastair Temple
  • Virtuosity By: Christian Hecker
  • Winter has come By: K-Melodyx
  • The Silver Guardian By: Sebastien Hue
  • Silver is Dead!! By: Khasis Lieb 
  • On the silver moon of Neptune By: Jonathan Maurin
  • The Shining Deity By: Julian Feylona 
  • Pale Hunters By: vaporization 
  • The Final Journey By: SamVerdegaal 
  • Joker By: Cristian 
  • Maximus By: Scott Stedman
  • Back home By: Andrea Carecci
  • Silver sunset By: Kuldar Leement
  • Celestial Oraculum By: Julian Feylona
  • Lunar Investigation By: voyager
  • GIN-EN By: seventwo
  • Long-haired silver star By: Kuldar Leement
  • Lustrous Purity By: SamVerdegaal 
  • Silver Surfer By: Edgars Romanovskis
  • Silver Lining By: Genesis 
  • Heartless By: Nora Nirvaluce
  • Reykjavik By: KOYN
  • Silverweb By: Andrea Carecci
  • Flow Like Silver By: Stu Ballinger 
  • Planeta Argenti By: Joeri Taelman
  • On the Edge By: taenaron
  • Flux By: Scott Stedman
  • Silver waver By: Andres Gallardo Albajar 
  • Silver waves II By: Andres Gallardo Albajar