Welcome / App

    This project sprung out of my love for traveling, the premise of "Welcome" is to offer solutions to three essential needs travelers have while visiting a new place: transportation, staying, and food. I designed "Welcome" as a platform to find these services safely and for free. I know it may sound like a lot for a single app, but I know people–travelers–already find these services through other applications and believe it or not, for free. Relying in a rating system, identity verification, and of course the kindness of people. I would like 'Welcome' to be one small community that exchange these services safely and for free.
  • The experience of looking for these three services ought to be simple and easy. From the rating system, with simple five starts, to open and transparent visible reviews.
  • The branding was something I also kept simple and legible. I wanted, aesthetically, the color palette to be a combination of neutral hues of warm and cold colors. Something suitable to the mood in which travelers find themselves when visiting new places, exciting yet calm. I think the colors of the map pins echoes this idea.