Reporters Notebook

  • Reporter's Notebook is an In-Depth series for our business show on CCTV America. Reporter's from around the globe analyze the local economics of their city & country
  • We implemented a "Vintage Passport" style to the brand. Each correspondent featured on the segment would have a page designed for them in the "Reporter's Notebook" booklet
  • On the Left: Page built for the animation  On the Right: Page built for the web
  • Each correspondent's page included a national stamp & their respective country with a grunge look
  • The pages were also converted into Featured Images for the CCTV America website. The featured image would switch depending on whose package aired on the day 
  • Credits:
    Creative Director: Alexander Shields
    Branding/Logo Design: Ronald Cortez
    Motion Graphics/3D (Cinema 4D): Ronald Cortez & Alexander Shields
    Web Featured Images: Ronald Cortez