Time Lord - An App Game Design

  • This was an app game design project for Illustration I. My game, entitled Time Lord, is about a woman on a mission to save Earth from its past. In the year 2060, Earth gets a distressing threat from a creature known as Octoboss. He's going to destroy Earth unless someone can save it. Lana was put up to the challenge and must travel through time to save the planet she knows. The player will have five levels with five individual sub-levels. Each sub-level will get harder to play as the player completes them. The player will battle henchmen as well as dodge astroids in order to beat the game.
    I made a serious effort to make the main character of the story a woman of color, as there aren't a lot of games out on the market that feature women of ethnic descent. 
  • The heroine of the game, Lana, must save Earth from a mutated soldier from the past. She must retrieve the substance and destroy it before he destroys the planet.
  • Sketches of the travel pod and the substance Lana must obtain.
  • Sketches and renderings of the beings and objects Lana must battle in order to get closer to the Big Boss.
  • The Octoboss was once a human being, but a secret military experiment turned him into a powerful fighting machine that can outlast a normal human. He's hated what he's become and hates humanity even more. While traveling throughout space and time, he made up his mind to destroy the beings that made him the way he was.
  • Renderings of the characters and objects in their respective environments.
    Lana's travel pod dodging an astroid shower while on her way back in time.
  • Lana in battle with one of Octoboss' minions while on 1940's Earth.
  • Lana in battle with a Super Soldier while inside a 1940's secret base lab.
  • Lana being beamed onto Octobosss ship.
  • Lana and Octoboss about to battle.