Narrative Animation: Alligator

  • Semi-Collaborative project for Motion Graphics II at the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design, GWU.
    Our team of 5 developed an original story centered around 5 characters. The result was plot made of cyclical conflict. Each of us animated a single character's persepctive, in our own visual style. 
    The story:
    Toucan, a travel writer and canoeing fan, visits Mars, famous for its flower shop and rivers. Disappointed by the dying flowers and polluted river, Toucan writes a nasty review. He tries to get in touch with his lawyer in order to get a refund but is ignored. 
    Alligator, a lawyer, is at a dentist appointment and declines Toucan's incessant phone calls. The dentist does a horrible job and Alligator's teeth fall out. He decides to seek revenge and in the night destroys the dentist's beloved raft. 
    Bear, a dentist, goes through his morning routine and is about to sail to work when he discovers his vandalized, broken raft. He is forced to take the metro, an uncomfortable and smelly experience. Still cranky by the time he reaches work, he is disrupted by the loud music and thumping coming from upstairs. Enraged, he leaves his patient to confront the neighbors. 
    Frog, the bartender upstairs, is bored at work as usual when the smoke alarm beeps because of a low battery. He jumps up on a table to try and turn it off, creating noise for the floor below. After a confrontation with Bear, frog goes on his date with Hippo.
    Hippo, owner of the flower shop on Mars, rollerskates into the restaurant where she and frog feel a mutual attraction. His rude tendency to eat flies however, turns the date sour and they abruptly leave. Hippo returns to her flower shop to find the bad review written by Toucan. 
  • Initial sketches:
    The concept began with thoughts on pixelated 8-bit treatment, motion comic treatment, and more classic cartoon treatment. I selected the motion comic treatment, and generated hand-drawn and scanned content to animate in After Effects.
  • Photoshop Sketches:
    Eventually, I decided to draw and color in photoshop instead, to ensure that the quality would be as high as possible when bringing everything into After Effects. Every item, body part, and piece of environment are drawn in separate layers to allow for individual movement in After Effects.
  • Thank you!