Next 2015

  • My work for next at the Corcoran will be paper sculpture consisting of all handmade paper.  It will be large scale and feature multiple pieces being around the same size as Alpha Centauri (pictured below), but the scale has potential to get bigger in parts.  Using an exacto to make knife drawings with the paper I collage the cut up pieces back together.  Sometimes the paper is blank when it is cut up but most of the time iit is prints that I cut up but sometimes times it can be drawing or paintings.  One theme the work will be about is escaping the frame.  Different layers combine and connect to create a network that is destroying the rectangular structure of the frame.  more to come soon
  • Vita Greg "Alpha Centauri" handmade paper, cunstruction paper, fishing line, and light
  • Vita Greg "Alpha Centauri"
  • Vita Greg "Splatter Tunnel Book" handmade paper, book cloth, book board, and archival glue
    (see books for more views of book closing and opening)
  • Vita Greg "Tunnel Book 2" relief prints on hand made paper, book board, book cloth, archival glue
    (see books for more views of book opening and closing)
  • Vita Greg "Disposition of Change" etching collage
  • Vita Greg "cut that shit out" screen print cut out
    cut from 22"x30" print
  • Vita Greg "Radical Empiricism" handmade paper cut and glued