Military Women Recruitment Posters of WWII

  • "Military Women Recruitment Posters of WWII"
    As part of our thesis design project for CCA+D, we had to research a specific design subject and design a publication. My thesis focuses on the WWII Women Recruitment Posters. During World War II, the graphic designers of the Office of War Information (OWI) produced posters exhorting women to enlist in the armed services. Using a consistent graphic vocabulary of color, imagery, type, and composition, these posters encouraged many women to join up the U.S. military. This publication highlights the design elements that made these beautiful  posters a successful tool of communication. This publication was design as individual pages with a poster feature on one side and content on the opposite. It allows the viewer to hold and feel each poster while reading it. Each page was hand printed individually front and back using fine art paper. Each section is divided with a vellum sheet that was silkscreen printed with the title of each section.
  • Binding Sketches & Process
  • Final Publication
  • Exhibition at Fathom Gallery - May 2014
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