District Cheers!

  • District Cheers

    This design concept is dedicated for the love of happy hour in Washington DC. After a busy and productive day at work, getting together with friends and having fun is one of the important aspects of life. This mobile app will make it easier and cheaper!
    What can you do with this app?
    Anything such as: location near you, your favorite drinks or best deals around the district.
    Sync and Invite
    Sync with your contacts and facebook friends. Invite them to your happy hour!
    This app automatically marks both internal and device's calendars with events that you made or invited by friends.
    Organize and Trace
     bookmark the places they love, and lastly, go through their search history. 

    Write and Read
    Users will be able to check in on different social media they are on, rate the location visited and the drinks they had, and view full menu of the location selected
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