We Can Do It! Thesis Installation

  • We Can Do It!
    Thesis Installation
    Corcoran College of Art+Design NEXT 2014 Exhibit
    As part of our thesis project, we conducted research on a specific topic, wrote the contents,
    designed the publication, and a museum installation.
     Graphic designers of the Office of  War Information (OWI) were part of a campaign to encourage women to enlist or serve the war effort during WWII. As an artist, graphic designer, and veteran I studied the OWI's posters, masterpieces of branding, and propaganda. They used a consistent graphic vocabulary of color, imagery, type, and composition. 
    Ironically, my installation was inspired by Japan's use of propaganda on textiles during WWII.
    An appeal to patriotism is effective whether it's ona poster or piece of clothing.
    The process of brainstorming and conceptualizing lasted five months.
    Throughout this phase I kept a binder with all of my sketched ideas, research, typography, colors, and main goals of this installation. The solid purpose of the installation was to highlight the effectiveness of WWII propaganda posters targeting women. As a graphic design major, I was interested in unveiling the design elements that made the posters a successful tool of communication to encourage women to join the war efforts in the military and in the workforce. During this process I worked directly with a local printing company, local tailor, and a digital textile company.
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